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At SD Accountants, we provide you with professional and personalized tax agents who will help you with on spot tax planning. You do not have to pay what you have earned hard. We also make sure that the legal obligation fulfills easily even make sure that the individual circumstances stay covered.

How our tax agent in Dandenong helps in filing tax returns?

Have you ever claimed everything to which you stay entitled? SD Accountants have tax agents in Dandenong who have years of experience in preparing the tax returns for a number of industries. Our tax agents help to prepare the tax returns for the individual companies, trust, and self-managed funds. We make sure that you pay the very small amount of tax claiming for the proper and legitimated deductions.

If you hire tax agents in Dandenong, you will get help in tax returns no matter to which industry you belong. Our clients include –

  1. Wage Earners
  2. Trade People like plumber, carpenters, electricians etc
  3. Property Developer
  4. Builders
  5. Registered Training Organization
  6. Child Care Facility
  7. Professionals like migration agent, doctors, education consultant, engineering consultant etc
  8. Teachers
  9. Taxi Drivers
  10. Family Day Care
  11. Media Companies and Corporate Houses

We firmly believe that our responsibility does not stay limited in preparing the lodging the income tax return. We will be able to accomplish only when we are able to manage all the tax affairs including the dealings with ATO to provide the clients with continuous support.

Services That Our Tax Agent in Dandenong Provides

We provide a number of tax services with the help of our tax agents in Dandenong. Let us take a quick look at the wide range of services –

  1. We help to prepare tax returns for a number of individuals, partnership, companies, trust, and SMSF
  2. We help you to prepare and file income tax on rental properties
  3. This helps with strategic tax planning
  4. Our tax agents in Dandenong  provides better advice on goods and service tax
  5. We help to prepare a number of strategic ideas that involve a number of business activity, installment activity statements such as BAS and IAS
  6. We also provide a number of relatable advice on capital gain tax
  7. We help you to deal with payroll taxes
  8. We also led you the best advice on salary sacrifice
  9. We offer services to stamp duty and land tax services

Are You Looking For Strategic Tax Planning?  - Our Tax agents in Dandenong Can Help

You will find a number of ways that lead to strategic tax planning and involves a detailed understanding of personal financial circumstances and projection of the detailed income for the particular financial year. You will come across various measures that help to save on tax.

Over the period of years, we developed a number of tools and expertise to grow the income accurately based on the financial circumstance and recommend a series of measures that can undertake the tax liability with the scope of laying down proper income tax legislation and ATO’s guidelines.

Why Choose Us

We are specialist in Preparation of Tax Returns, Tax Planning, Amendment to Tax Return, FBT returns, Capital Gains Tax, ATO Liaison, Payroll Tax, Cash Flow Preparation, lodgement of Annual Payment, Registration/Deregistration – GST, ABN, PAYG, Work cover, Registration/Deregistration – TFN, ABN, PAYG, FBT, Business Activity Statements (BAS), Shareholder Loan Agreements, Dividend 7A Agreements, Depreciation Schedules, Franking Accounts, Tax Structures, Instalment Activity Statements (IAS), Private Rulings, Salary Sacrifice, Annual GST returns and reconciliations.


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